Abdul Hadi's Testimonial


About Abdul Hadi

Abdul Hadi, an Alumni of USSA International Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science. "Age 10 - 18, I was actively playing badminton, engaged in intense training of about 5 to 6 days a week. Age 22 - 26 I changed my direction towards bodybuilding trying to attain an ideal physique that I envision but unfortunately, I had to put a pause to it due to multiple recurring old injuries. I live by, up till today, the sports cultivated code of discipline, hunger for knowledge, commitment and dedication. I decided to pursue my diploma with USSA because I honestly felt that the academy's name proves that it is the main centre for sports-related education. Through thorough research of the academy, I find that they offer a lot of opportunities for professional certifications essential for individuals to upgrade themselves. "


Modules that Hadi found interesting

"As of now, I really love the principles of health & fitness, and nutrition modules. The nutrition module really falls under my area of interest with lots of knowledge attained despite it being a brief part of the curriculum."


Why ISA?

"Honestly, i neglected my studies in my younger days and hence, a private institution is my only route. Luckily for me, I.S.A recognises my experience in the working field that allowed me to pursue my studies further."


Hadi's Most Valuable Takeaway

"The most valuable takeaway would be the ability to apply the knowledge that i acquire from the course to my work as a stretch therapist, and providing value-added services to my customers with more intellectual advices."


About Zulqarnaen

Prior to applying for my diploma, I pursued a NITEC in Facilities Management. I am currently playing for the Young Lions which is for youth players 21 years old and below. It is also my 4th years with the club. Football has pretty much been the main highlight my whole life since picking it up in secondary 1 till being with FAS today.  Due to my involvement in Football, I was awarded the Peter Lim Scholarship twice in secondary school (sec 2 & 3)


Zulqarnaen's Hobby

During my free time, I enjoy playing bowling. In fact, maybe I should consider 


Lecturers that taught the course

"All my lecturers have actually made an impression. Farij is experienced, practical and knowledgable. XQ is very hardworking and dedicated. Melvin is also very experienced as he is able to relate what he teaches to what we do. All of them are approachable, interactive and unique."


Challenges Faced by Abdul Hadi

"I don't actually face any challenges during the course because the educators are well versed in what they teach and experienced in the fitness industry. I feel confident towards the knowledge I acquire from all of them."


Time Management & Future Plans

"As I am a freelancer and a part-time student under USSA, more freedom is allowed between work and school. To top it off, ISA provides a really flexible schedule that allows easier juggling between both factors."

"I would love to further my studies, but I have to focus on fundings at the moment."

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