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Looking to upgrade your qualifications in the Sports and Fitness Industry?

IMSC is here to provide a helping hand to pursue your academic aspirations during this trying period!

First 50 students will receive 60% off ISA Certified Personal Trainer (leading to ACE Certification) Independent Online Edition!

What is the IMSC COVID-19 Study Relief Grant?

The IMSC COVID-19 Study Relief Grant includes:

  • 50% subsidised tuition fees (excluding miscellaneous fees) 

  • Interest-free 12 months installment plan 

  • Industry-ready through Industrial Attachment opportunities 

  • 60% off industry recognised processional certification (first 50 new students)

Eligible for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents applying for the full/part-time sports programme

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Step 1: Submit your application online. 

Step 2: Submit the required documents to

Step 3: Kindly wait for our staff to contact you within 1-2 working days.

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Sports Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Sports Science  & Management

Next Intake:
2 November 2020

Course Duration:
12 Months (Full-Time)
- 6 Months Academic Instruction
- 6 Months Industrial Attachment


Awarding Agency: 

International Management & Sports College

International Sports Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science

Next Intake:
4 January 2021

Course Duration:
12 Months (Part-Time)


Awarding Agency: 

United States Sports Academy

Diploma in Sports Science & Coaching

Next Intake:
2 November 2020

Course Duration:
12 Months (Full-Time)
- 6 Months Academic Instruction
- 6 Months Industrial Attachment


Awarding Agency: 

International Management & Sports College

Why Study at IMSC? 

Industry Practitioners

Gain beneficial and meaningful industry insights from our lecturers who are also industry practitioners 

Relevant to Industry

Our study curriculum matches the industry needs to better understand

the demands of the modern industry

An Array of Programmes

Providing students with a variety of academic programmes to cater to their needs and choices

Features of IMSC

Industry Site Visits
Industrial Attachment
Taught by Industry Practitioners

What our students say

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Muhd Zalqarnean

Diploma of Sport Development & Midfielder of SG Young Lions

"With my busy schedule, the arrangement for online lectures provided me with flexible time management. I still get freedom over my schedule which allows me to pursue sports, get educated and have adequate rest. I'm taking this Diploma as I believe that as a sportsman, it is critical to be educated with appropriate knowledge and skills. Currently, I have an interest in being a coach or a sports marketer so it's essential to be trained for the correct area for my future."

Kang Hee Ju.jpg

Kang Hee Ju

Diploma of Sport Science & Management

“I was offered to pursue the Sports Science & Management Diploma with IMSC and decide whether I like it and would want to pursue it as my degree course. I found most of the modules interesting and useful to me. Psychology and Human Anatomy are modules that I had an interest in thus the information I learnt about really stayed with me.”


Abdul Hadi

United States Sports Academy International Sports Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science (Sports Fitness) 

"I decided to pursue my diploma with USSA because I honestly felt that the academy's name proves that it is the main centre for sports-related education. Through thorough research of the academy, I find that they offer a lot of opportunities for professional certifications essential for individuals to upgrade themselves. The most valuable takeaway would be the ability to apply the knowledge that I acquire from the course to my work as a stretch therapist, and providing value-added services to my customers with more intellectual advice."

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