STUDent Testimonials


"I was offered to pursue the SSM Diploma with ISA and decide whether I like it and would want to pursue it as my degree course. I found most of the modules interesting and useful to me. Psychology and Human Anatomy are modules that I had interest in thus the information I learnt about really stayed with me”

Kang Hee Ju, Alumni of ISA Diploma in Sports Science & Management 

“ISA Lecturers are knowledgeable, and I was able to apply what I have learnt in class such as Human Anatomy, Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning to my job as a Fitness Trainer. One of my favourite memories includes the field trip to Sports Stadium as we can picture what we have learnt in class to real-life settings.”

Ashraf Karim, Alumni of ISA Diploma in Sports Science & Management

“I chose to pursue the private education route as I wanted to study relevant modules direct to the industry and upgrade myself. Upon completing the diploma, I’m currently working full-time at Decathlon Singapore as an Omnichannel Sports Advisor and I can apply the knowledge in my current working life. I’m glad I chose ISA to further my education.”

Harrold Lee, Alumni of ISA Dip in Sports Science and Management


“With my busy schedule, the arrangement for online lectures allows for flexible time management. I still get freedom over my schedule, allowing me to pursue sports, be educated and getting adequate rest. I’m taking this Diploma as I believe that as a sportsman, it is critical to be educated with appropriate knowledge and skills. Currently, I have an interest in being a coach or a sports marketer so it’s essential to be trained for the correct area for my future.”

Muhd Zulqarnaen, Student of ASA Dip of Sport Development & Midfielder of SG Young Lions


“Through thorough research of ISA, I found that they offer a lot of opportunities for professional certifications essential for individuals to upgrade themselves. ISA recognises my experience in the working field that allowed me to pursue my studies further. The most valuable takeaway would be that I could apply the knowledge I acquire from the course to my work as a stretch therapist. The lecturers all left a good impression and were approachable and interactive.”

Abdul Hadi, Student of USSA International Sports Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science

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