Hee ju's Testimonial


About Hee Ju

Kang Hee Ju, an Alumni of ISA Diploma in Sports and Management. "I play many sports like badminton, floorball, handball, and basketball competitively at the national level since primary school to JC. Especially, for floorball, I played at the club level for leagues. I like sports and activities.  I was offered to pursue SSM diploma with ISA so that I could get 6 modules exemption but not only that, I would be able to decide whether I like it and would want to pursue it as my degree course. Furthermore, I had close to 6 months gap before the degree enrolment. Hence, I choose to pursue an education in SSM with ISA. "


Why Hee Ju chose her course

"I was informed that ECU is the top 20 university for a sports science course and the course duration is much shorter. Therefore, I decided to choose this route."


The Usefulness of the course

"I found most of the modules interesting and useful to me except facility and event management and marketing. Psychology and human anatomy are something that I had interest all along thus the information that I studied and learned stayed with me."


Hee Ju's Most Valuable Takeaway

"I learn to be a more independent learner and to be more adaptive in situations that I am not familiar or comfortable with. Also, I gained a lot of research skills, my level of patience, tolerance and understanding others increased, learn to handle sudden changes and unexpected situations and finish work in a very limited and short time."


Best Memories of Studying

"Getting to know really nice friends, lecturers, and staffs.."


About Zulqarnaen

Prior to applying for my diploma, I pursued a NITEC in Facilities Management. I am currently playing for the Young Lions which is for youth players 21 years old and below. It is also my 4th years with the club. Football has pretty much been the main highlight my whole life since picking it up in secondary 1 till being with FAS today.  Due to my involvement in Football, I was awarded the Peter Lim Scholarship twice in secondary school (sec 2 & 3)


Zulqarnaen's Hobby

During my free time, I enjoy playing bowling. In fact, maybe I should consider 


The Challenges Hee Ju faced

"For assignments, the information provided in the lecture notes were not sufficient thus, I had to learn research about information to do the assignments well. Hence, I was able to improve my research skills. 

Some assignment requirements were too general which lead me to confusions. Certain lectures were not delivered properly and clearly and some of the lecturers were not able to answer our questions but because of that, I learned to be a more independent learner and search out for external resources to do well."


Time Management & Future Plans

"I manage my time by arranging all my schedules in the google calendar where I receive notifications to alert me and set priorities.


I am currently doing my degree course at ECU. I do not have any confirmed plans on what I will do after my graduation but for now, I am thinking of becoming a sports scientist or sports doctor"

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