Harold Lee's Testimonial


About Harold Lee

Harold Lee, an Alumni of ISA Diploma in Sports and Management. "I am Harrold, upon completion of my National Service. I decided to take a years’ work experience, I found out about MegaAdventure Singapore from a Friend, I decided to start off as a part-timer over there and experience what it was like to work in the outdoor industry. I found myself enjoying the work in the outdoor industry at MegaAdventure and begin to appreciate Outdoor sporty activities. I also played a rare sport called Unicycle Hockey on my free time as part of my mini hobby with the Singapore Unicyclist Organisation and would visit the gym regularly to workout. I was even encouraged to take up Sports climbing lvl 1 from a friend of mine. Thereafter completing the lvl 1, I explored being a freelance camp instructor for a short period of time also under the influence of my Friend."


Why Harold Studies Sports & Management

"I was informed that ECU is the top 20 university for a sports science course and the course duration is much shorter. Therefore, I decided to choose this route."


Why ISA?

"Me being not an academic incline person, I choose the private education route as I knew that I only have to study modules that I need rather than local schools having to do more than just relevant modules such as electives. It was more on getting an upgrade as I’ve already explored working in the industry. Getting a diploma and graduating on time, heading back to the work force thereafter upon completing the diploma. I found that private education helped in saving my time as compared to local schools which can take up to 3 years to complete a course"


Harold's Most Valuable Takeaway

"Having the opportunity to go on a visit to Sports hub with the school to better understand more about sports facilities and the modules as mentioned in point no. 3 which has better equipped me to where I am today"


Best Memories of Studying

"I met classmates from all walks of life and had better understanding of the sports they practice as well which is relevant to the course. I also met Shang who was helpful in guiding me through in applying for the course that suits me best, I was actually interested in the USSA diploma but later did I found out, USSA will no longer be running the full time education program anymore. I was than introduce to the SSM diploma by Shang, it was way better. I learned the Essence of sports science and management, I can apply the knowledge in my current working life at Decathlon. Unlike the USSA diploma which only teaches sports science. I found SSM more beneficial although I expected to go for USSA diploma. Shang is also an encouraging person who would assure me that I can break limitations and would update me on my progress in school. Getting to know Mr Mark Chay, CEO of ISA was awesome too! He has experience in the Sports sector, knowledgeable as well as friendly and helpful:) I’m Glad I choose ISA to further my education."


About Zulqarnaen

Prior to applying for my diploma, I pursued a NITEC in Facilities Management. I am currently playing for the Young Lions which is for youth players 21 years old and below. It is also my 4th years with the club. Football has pretty much been the main highlight my whole life since picking it up in secondary 1 till being with FAS today.  Due to my involvement in Football, I was awarded the Peter Lim Scholarship twice in secondary school (sec 2 & 3)


Zulqarnaen's Hobby

During my free time, I enjoy playing bowling. In fact, maybe I should consider 


The Usefulness of the Course

"I found Nutrition for Sports and Exercise interesting as it was only important to know what I should consume when doing sports in order to perform well in it. The strength and conditioning module also allowed me to expand my knowledge on certain exercise technique in order to upkeep oneself. Sports Management & Marketing gave me a glimpse on what is roughly like to run sports events as well as also promote and encourage sports activities"


Challenges Faced by Harold

"Me being not academically inclined, I would struggle with modules that have heavy contents. However, that didn’t stop me from getting through the exams just like others around me. I would consult the Lecturer after class whenever I don’t understand certain pointers, I would also exchange tips with my classmates to better understand the pointers. Most importantly, I start reading up my notes in advance to prepare for the exams"


Time Management & Future Plans

"I’ll prioritise my studies first, followed by my workout programmes and working part time over the weekends whenever possible to keep the hands on experience going."

"Upon completing the diploma. I’ve found a full time job. I’m currently working at Decathlon Singapore as an Omnichannel Sports Advisor. Furthering my education gave me reflections on exploring more prospects other than connections through friends."

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