Ashraf's Testimonial


About Ashraf Karim

Ashraf Karim an Alumni of ISA Diploma in Sports and Management. "I am currently boxing but not on a competitive level at the moment due to work and other commitments. Currently throughout the day I am building my career as a fitness trainer and I am also a Club DJ during party nights of the week, as a Dj my music direction is pretty much open format but hip hop has been a new upcoming genre for the scene in Singapore lately which pulls me towards that genre frequently,  "Empire Collective"  is the name of the local record label that I am currently attached to in the music industry"


Why Harold Studies Sports & Management

"I decided to pursue my education in Sports as I have been a sporty person throughout my life since I was a kid and it would be a great joy if it became a career and I decided to sign up with ISA as I feel that ISA has knowledgable lecturers and aside from the diploma ISA also offers specialist courses related to sports such as Sports Massage, ACE , Strength & Conditioning Specialist are just the many few courses that is being offered"


Why ISA?

"Going to a local university is much tougher and there are a lot of requirements to meet before being able to enter if there are no affiliations"


Harold's Most Valuable Takeaway

"Having the opportunity to go on a visit to Sports


Future Plans & Best Memory

"My plans are to either further my studies after graduation after a short period spent in the field in order to gain experience"

"Class cohesion touring the Sports Stadium"


About Zulqarnaen

Prior to applying for my diploma, I pursued a NITEC in Facilities Management. I am currently playing for the Young Lions which is for youth players 21 years old and below. It is also my 4th years with the club. Football has pretty much been the main highlight my whole life since picking it up in secondary 1 till being with FAS today.  Due to my involvement in Football, I was awarded the Peter Lim Scholarship twice in secondary school (sec 2 & 3)


Zulqarnaen's Hobby

During my free time, I enjoy playing bowling. In fact, maybe I should consider 


Modules that Ashraf loved the most

"Modules such as human anatomy, nutrition, strength &  conditioning and sports psychology are modules that I have found most useful especially right now as an intern my daily life in the field tends to revolve around the knowledge that was thought from those modules stated"

"Nutrition lesson about different types of diets made me realize that fitness is not just about it being an activity but it also is a lifestyle"


Challenges Faced by Ashraf

"Remembering anatomical terms have been pretty tough, I normally brainstorm to and find something relevant to it in order to remember the terms"

"This (balancing school and work) was the toughest for me as I had quite a few things to juggle from but time management, planning ahead and keeping track always helps me juggle between commitments better"

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