Sports and Exercise science

Sports and Exercise Science is a multidisciplinary subject, which draws on knowledge found in various discrete fields to increase sports performance, reduce injury risks, speed up recovery, and to ultimately raise levels of physical fitness and well-being within the wider community.


Sports coaching

In sports, a coach is a person involved in the direction, instruction, and training of the operations of a sports team or individual sportspeople.  Coaches assist athletes in developing themselves to their full potential through analysis of performance, teaching relevant skills, and providing encouragement. Coaches are responsible for the creation of the right conditions for athletes to learn, excel, and stay motivated to perform their best. Job roles include youth development coach, community coach, high performance coach, etc.


sports development and management

Sports management is a field that concerns the business aspects of sports and recreation. This field covers areas like managing events and projects, and organizational risks. Roles occasionally require the identification of talent and supporting the training of athletes while developing and updating knowledge of coaching practices. Job roles include sports administrator, event manager, competition manager, programme developer, talent/ sport development manager, public relations, facility executive, sports marketing executive, etc.

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