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Each and every student is equally significant and important to us.  As such, the College will constantly strive to provide the necessary support to each and every student, so as to ensure that all our student's needs, are suitably looked after and taken care of.   

Applicable Policies

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Mitigating Circumstances in relation to Performance in Assessments and Examinations

The College recognises that students may suffer from a sudden illness or other serious and unforeseen event or set of circumstances which adversely affects their ability to complete an assessment or the results they obtain for an assessment. In such cases the mitigating circumstances regulations and procedures may be applied.


The Management Team of the College shall demonstrate fair and consistent treatment of its students in support of these Mitigating Circumstances.


Mitigating circumstances might include:


  • Significant physical or psychological illness;

  • Severe personal difficulties;

  • Serious illness affecting a close family member;

  • Sudden deterioration in a longstanding medical condition or disability;

  • Being the victim of a serious crime;

  • Legal proceedings requiring attendance at court; and

  • Unforeseeable or unpreventable events.

The following will not be regarded as mitigating circumstances:

  • Any event that could have been reasonably expected or anticipated, such as sporting events or pressures from paid employment, or other study commitments.

  • Examination clashes arising from incorrect registration by the student, i.e. examinations scheduled to take place at the same time (students are responsible for reporting any examination clashes which occur in their examination timetable to their Departmental Examinations Officer and the Student Administration and Support Department so that alternative arrangements can be made); and

  • Having more than one examination on the same day;

  • Inadequate planning and time management;

  • Events such as holidays and weddings;

  • Failure to attend an examination due to misreading the examination timetable.


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