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Each and every student is equally significant and important to us.  As such, the College will constantly strive to provide the necessary support to each and every student, so as to ensure that all our student's needs, are suitably looked after and taken care of.   

Applicable Policies

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Our Dispute Resolution Policy

The College has a close-loop feedback and complaint management system to gather and address all feedback/complaints received (from various channels of communications e.g feedback forms, websites, emails, telephone calls, meetings, and in person from the public, staff or students, etc).


Any College staff receiving and/or tasked to handle the feedback/complaint shall investigate and act to resolve the areas of concern.


The College communicates its response time for feedback/complaint/grievance received and the response time to resolve the feedback/ complaint (within 21 working days) to the person making the feedback/grievance or complainant.


The dispute resolution policy adopted by IMSC is aligned to the dispute resolution provision in the Private Education Act.


All feedback /complaints (including disputes) and the actions taken to resolve them are recorded and filed in the Feedback/ Complaint Tracking Log that also provides information on nature of feedback/ complaint/grievances (including disputes) and the time taken to resolve.


The College analyses the feedback/ complaint and seeks feedback from its key stakeholders (including external partners) for the management and staff to serve as inputs for the review process and continual improvement.


The College regularly reviews the feedback/complaint management system (including feedback channels) for continual improvement.


The College regularly reviews the dispute resolution policy and procedures for continual improvement.


Further details on the dispute resolution procedures are available in the student handbook which can be accessed by clicking here .


If the College’s management team is not able to resolve the dispute, the matter will be resolved through the Dispute Resolution Scheme under the Committee for Private Education.  Further information relating to the Dispute Resolution Scheme under the Committee for Private Education may be found here.


Please feel free to provide us with your feedback by either of the following channels:


  • Feedback / Suggestion box placed at the entrance of the College;

  • Emailing us (;

  • Contact us here; or

  • Contacting any of our staff in our office. 


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