IMSC - AHA Partnership

We are proud to announce a partnership between International Management and Sports College (IMSC) and AHA-Airline and Hotel Management Academy (AHA), operating under Ascend Educational Foundation Nashik.

The teams at IMSC and AHA will be working together to offer more options for students in India and in Singapore in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Through this partnership, IMSC and AHA will offer a series of education products and services for students in India and Singapore, and to share their expertise and thoughts in the area of training and development in hospitality and tourism.


“We are thrilled to be working with AHA-Airline and Hotel Management Academy to strengthen and expand our range of educational services to our students. AHA-Airline and Hotel Management Academy is a renowned educator in the area of hotel management and training in India, and our partnerhip with AHA-Airline and Hotel Management Academy reaffirms our commitment to improving the education standards for the students in India and Singapore. This is in line with our long term vision of providing quality education to all students, and to provide further opportunities to accelerate their intellectual growth, overall development, and enhance their employability."
- Joel Lim | Executive Director of IMSC

“Since we started in 2016, we recognise that our students are always on the lookout for education opportunities outside India, and in particular Singapore.  We are therefore pleased to work with IMSC to offer our students an unique solution for their academic needs.  The team at IMSC also shares our passion in delivering quality education to all students, and is a natural fit for us to expand our brand, and improve ours students’ learning opportunities. IMSC greatly appeals to us as it is an extremely forward-looking education unit made up of a highly talented, hardworking, and passionate bunch of educators.  I believe that IMSC will provide a strong platform for all our students to grow intellectually, as well as to broaden their exposure.  As an educator, I believe that this is essential, and will be a true win-win-win situation for all parties involved. ”
- Ankita Parakh | Director of AHA-Airline and Hotel Management Academy

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